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Zero Allergens | 100% FLAVOR

We believe that simple, nutrient dense, amazing flavors should be available to everyone - regardless of tummy or taste preference. That's why we source only allergen-free & flavor-bursting ingredients in our foods. Wicked Sprout tofus are gluten free, soy free, vegan, and the best damn flavor profiles you'll experience.


Earth Kind

Our food choices should be as good for us as they are for the planet. Wicked Sprout is committed to amazing your taste buds as well as keeping this planet in business. We aim for local, organic ingredients for our tofus whenever possible. Our packaging is compostable and made from renewable resources like non-GMO corn and talc.


Seattle Savvy

One of the best ways to get more acquainted with our bounty of tofu flavor options is to connect with us! We partner with likeminded restaraunts and retailers that prioritize local, organic, good-for-us-all food experiences. You'll find us at Seattle Farmers Markets and popping up on your favorite restaurant menus!

Here's a happy belly!

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Are you interested in featuring an amazing, soy free tofu at your restaurant? Do you have intense feelings about flavor, chickpeas, and edgy food? Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Brenda Chappell, Owner


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